Hon’ble Prime Minister launched Mission Amrit Sarovar on 24th April, 2022 with a view to conserve water for the future. The objective of the mission was to develop at least 75 Amrit Sarovar in every district of the country on the occasion of Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. Overall, under this mission, a target was set to build 50 thousand Amrit Sarovar by August 15, 2023, which has been achieved ahead of schedule. So far, 50,071 Amrit Sarovar have been completed

To achieve the resolution of rain water conservation and harvesting through Mission Amrit Sarovar, the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, acting as the nodal ministry, is working in mission mode to achieve the goal in collaboration with various ministries. From renovating the Amrit Sarovar which have reached the verge of extinction to construction of new Amrit Sarovar, a detailed action plan was prepared. The target of 50 thousand Amrit Sarovar could be achieved ahead of time because of the efforts made through “whole of government” approach and “people participation” during all aspects of the mission.

With the coordinated efforts of district administration, Panchayat Raj officials, public representatives, panchayats, voluntary organizations, various institutions and public participation in states and union territories about 1,05,243 sites have been identified as Amrit Sarovar by May 10, 2023, out of which work has already begun at 72,297 sites. So far 50,071 Amrit Sarovar have been completed.

Mission Amrit Sarovar also aims to construct or renovate the Amrit Sarovar in such a way that they become centre of local community activities. A user group is being formed for each Amrit Sarovar as there should be community ownership in the maintenance of Amrit Sarovar, so that their long-term conservation can be ensured. So far 59,282 user groups have joined Mission Amrit Sarovar for maintaining the Sarovar and generating their livelihood from it.

Under Mission Amrit Sarovar, in achieving the target of 50 thousand Amrit Sarovar before the deadline, it is necessary to highlight the importance of  public participation which has converted this mission into a mass movement. So far, 1784 freedom fighters, 684 families of martyrs, 448 families of freedom fighters, 18173 senior members of panchayats and 56 Padma awardees have participated in the mission.





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