Missile Cum Ammunition (MCA) Barge, Yard 75 (LSAM 7) was launched by RAdm Sandeep Mehta, ACWP&A on 24 Feb 23 at Guttenedevi, the launch site of M/s SECON, Visakhapatnam. With all major and auxiliary equipment/systems sourced from indigenous manufacturers, this Barge is the proud flag bearer of the “Make in India” initiative of the Ministry of Defence.

Contract for the construction of 08 x MCA Barge was concluded with M/s SECON, Visakhapatnam, an MSME, in consonance with “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiatives of the Government of India. This Barge is being built with a service life of 30 years. The availability of MCA Barges will provide impetus to the Operational commitments of IN by facilitating the Transportation, Embarkation, and Disembarkation of articles/ammunition to IN Ships both alongside jetties and at outer harbors.

**PIB India**