Ganesh Pyne, an Indian painter

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Ganesh Pyne

Ganesh Pyne (11 June 1937 – 12 March 2013), was an Indian painter and illustrator.

Early Life

Ganesh Pyne was born on 11 June 1937, in Kolkata, India. He studied at the Government College of Art and Craft in Kolkata and graduated in 1955. With his works, Pyne became one of the premier exponents of the Bengal School of Art, fusing romanticism, fantasy, and an inventive play of light and dark, within the labyrinths of the subconscious. Throughout his work, he sometimes displayed sentiments of tenderness and serenity as well as feelings of loneliness, alienation, pain, and horror.


In 1950, he began his career as an illustrator and animator at Mandar Mullick’s studio in Kolkata. He made small drawings in pen and ink during this time because he couldn’t afford to buy any colors, after that, he joined the Society for Contemporary Artists in 1963, which had artists like Bikash Bhattacharjee, Shyamal Datta Ray, Dharmanarayan Dasgupta and Ganesh Haloi.

Pyne has shown her work in several solo exhibitions, including the Centre of International Modern Art in Kolkata (2014-14, 2010); Vadehra Art Gallery in New Delhi (2013); Gallerie 88 in Mumbai (2005); and the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai (2000). A few of his group shows are at Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai (2012); Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi (2012); and the Centre of International Modern Art, Kolkata (2010).


He received many awards, including the Raja Ravi Varma award from the Government of Kerala, the Indian Chamber of Commerce lifetime achievement award in 2011, the Star Ananda Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008, Abainindra Puraskar in 2004 by the government of west Bengal, and Visva Bharati’s Gagan Abani Puraskar in 1997.


He died on 12 March 2013, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

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