Fortnightly update of Grievances resolved in CPGRAMS along with notable success stories

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The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) released a list of grievances redressed for the first 15 days of June 2024. According to the same 69,166 were redressed in the said period. The Top 5 Ministries/Departments in GOI for Grievance Redressal for the period from 1-15 June, 2024 are as follows:

Sno Name of Organisation Disposal
1 Department of Rural Development 21614
2 Ministry of Labour and Employment 7324
3 Department of Financial Services (Banking Division) 6206
4 Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax) 2890
5 Ministry of Railways ( Railway Board) 2296


5 success stories of citizens using the CPGRAMS portal were also outlined by DARPG. These success stories are to be released weekly by DARPG to encourage citizen usage of CPGRAMS portal. The success stories range from issues like Pensions, disability cards, income tax refunds etc.

Success Stories List:

  1. Grievance of Shri Rakesh Garg – Rectification of interest and the release of refund amount

Shri Rakesh Garg lodged a grievance on the CPGRAMS Portal with the Central Board of Direct Taxes regarding the incorrect computation of interest under Section 234C. The issue was resolved, resulting in a refund of Rs. 3,65,365, confirmed and verified by the taxpayer.

  1. Grievance of Shri Vidyadhar Singh – Non-receipt of 4 installments under One Rank One Pension-II

Nike Vidyadhar Singh hadn’t received the 4 installments he was entitled to under OROP II until 4th April, 2024. He filed a grievance on the CPGRAMS Portal, and within 49 days, arrears amounting to Rs. 30,806/- were credited to his bank account.

  1. Grievance of Shri SPR Shoav Ahmed – Non-payment of arrear amount of Rs. 1,03,412/-

Shri SPR Shoav Ahmed, a retired army soldier, lodged a grievance regarding the non-payment of his arrears amounting to Rs. 1,03,412/-. His arrears were processed and credited to his account within 8 days of filing the complaint on CPGRAMS.

  1. Grievance of Shri Lovejit Singh – Incorrect Recovery from disability pension

Shri Lovejit Singh filed a grievance on CPGRAMS regarding incorrect deductions from his SPARSH pension account. The deductions were stopped, and a refund of Rs. 27,411/-, which was deducted for a period of 3 months, was provided.

  1. Grievance of Shri Om Prakash Sharma – Refund against demand

Shri Om Prakash Sharma filed a grievance concerning his refund being adjusted against a demand. CPGRAMS Portal helped him secure a refund amount of Rs. 31,710/- for AY 2023-24 and Rs. 40,779 for AY 2012-13.

CPGRAMS STATUS 1.6.2024 TO 15.6.2024



These examples illustrate the utility of the CPGRAMS portal for the general public for everyday issues. Citizens can register and file a grievance on CPGRAMS by logging onto the portal

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