EPFO provides last opportunity to employees to submit options within fifteen days to get pension on higher wages and Employers given three months time for uploading wage details online

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The online facility has been made available by the EPFO ​​for the submission of applications to validate the joint option(s) for the pension with higher wages. The benefit is reserved for pensioners/members entitled in compliance with the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of 04.11.2022. The facility was launched on 26.02.2023 and was only supposed to remain available until 03.05.2023. However, given the representations of the employees, the deadline has been extended to 26.06.2023 in order to grant four full months to eligible pensioners/members for the submission of applications. 16.06 lakh Applications for validation of joint option / options have been received till 26.06.2023.

The last opportunity of 15 days is given to remove any difficulties faced by retirees/Eligible Members. Therefore, the deadline for submitting Requests for Option Validation/Joint Options by employees is extended to 07.11.2023.

Any retiree/Eligible member who, due to any problem updating the KYC, has difficulty submitting the online application for validation of the option/joint option, can immediately submit such complaint to the EPFiGMS for resolution. The complaint can be filed by selecting the complaint category “Higher Retirement Benefits with Higher Salaries”. This will ensure that such a complaint is properly recorded for further action.

In the meantime, there have been many representations from employers and employers’ associations where requests have been made to extend the time frame for uploading the salary details of the requesting pensioners/members. The request has been sympathetically considered and employers are given a further three months to send salary details etc. online by 30.09.2023.


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