CSIR-NIO-Goa has concluded its month-long certificate course in Oceanography

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CSIR-NIO-Goa has concluded its month-long certificate course in Oceanography, marking a significant milestone in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among oceanographers and hydrographers. The course, which commenced on 15th January 2024, saw enthusiastic participation from delegates representing Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

The course, a culmination of the maiden CSC Oceanographers and Hydrographers conference held in November 2022 in Goa and Hyderabad, aimed to deepen understanding and expertise in various facets of Oceanography. Under the expert guidance of 58 esteemed scientists from CSIR-NIO, participants delved into topics ranging from marine biology, ocean chemistry, and physics to seafloor geology, marine instrumentation, and archaeology.

In addition to classroom sessions, participants were taken to other ocean-related institutes in the state, such as NIH and NCPOR, to broaden their horizons and foster interdisciplinary learning.

During the welcome address at the concluding ceremony, Prof. Sunil Kumar Singh, Director, CSIR-NIO, spoke about strengthening bilateral partnerships among littoral nations in understanding the Indian Ocean Region. This was followed by participants sharing learnings and insights they gained during the course. Prof. Sunil Kumar Singh, Director, CSIR-NIO distributed certificates to the participants. The course was coordinated by Dr Manguesh Uttam Gauns, Senior Principal Scientist&Head, Biological Oceanography Division.

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