Celebrating Life and Legacy of David Unaipon

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Celebrating Life and Legacy of David Unaipon

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David Unaipon (28 September 1872 – 7 February 1967) was a prominent Australian inventor, writer, and public speaker of Aboriginal descent. He is widely recognized for his contributions to science and literature, particularly his innovative work in electrical engineering and his advocacy for Indigenous rights in Australia.

Early Life

David Unaipon was born on the Point McLeay Mission in South Australia, a settlement for the Ngarrindjeri people. Growing up in a community marked by adversity and limited access to education, he displayed a remarkable aptitude for learning and innovation from a young age. Despite the challenges he faced as an Indigenous Australian, Unaipon was determined to pursue his passions.


Unaipon’s career was marked by groundbreaking achievements in the field of electrical engineering. He was granted a provisional patent in 1909 for his invention of a mechanical device that would later serve as the basis for the modern electric rotary engine. This invention was a significant advancement in electrical engineering and had the potential to revolutionize various industries.

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In addition to his contributions to science, Unaipon was a prolific writer and thinker. He wrote extensively on topics ranging from science and philosophy to Indigenous culture and history. His work helped challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about Indigenous people in Australia.


David Unaipon’s legacy is multifaceted and enduring. His contributions to science and engineering continue to be recognized, and his work on the electric rotary engine laid the foundation for future developments in the field. He was posthumously honored when his image was featured on the Australian fifty-dollar note in 1995.

Unaipon’s impact as a writer and advocate for Indigenous rights is equally significant. He played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous Australians and was a vocal advocate for social and political change.

Furthermore, Unaipon’s life serves as an inspirational example of resilience and determination. He overcame significant challenges and discrimination to pursue his passions and make significant contributions to Australian society.

David Unaipon’s life is a testament to the power of innovation, education, and advocacy. His pioneering work in electrical engineering, his contributions to literature, and his advocacy for Indigenous rights have left an indelible mark on Australia’s cultural and scientific landscape. His legacy serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of Indigenous people and the potential for individuals to create positive change in the face of adversity.

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On 28 September 2012, a Google Doodle was created to celebrate David Unaipon’s 140th Birthday.

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