Canada observes January as Tamil Heritage Month

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Tamil Heritage Month

Canada observes January as Tamil Heritage Month | Image Courtesy:

Throughout Canada, each and every January is observed as Tamil Heritage Month. Canada also observes April as Sikh Heritage Month.

Canada is known for being enthusiastic, diverse, and tolerant. It’s the result of Canadians from all walks of life, races, and cultures, ensuring the country is a place where all citizens can be proud of. One of the reasons Canada celebrates Italian, Tamil, Black, Jewish, and Asian heritage months. It’s a way to remember and respect our heritage. Canadians have a common theme: uniting values, principles, and ideals. Here are five goals of Tamil Heritage Month:

  • To celebrate the richness of the Tamil language and literature;
  • To celebrate the traditions, arts and culture of Tamils around the world;
  • To educate Canadians of all backgrounds about the language, traditions and history of the Tamil people;
  • To highlight the achievements of Tamils in various fields both in the past and the present;
  • To advance the growth and prosperity of Tamils.

Here is statement by Minister Hussen (Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, Canada) on Tamil Heritage Month:

Today, Tamils across Canada mark the start of Tamil Heritage Month.

Canada is proud to be home to one of the largest Tamil diasporas in the world, and this month we honour the many great contributions that Tamil Canadians have made and continue to make to our country.

From politics, to health, sports, business and other fields, Tamil Canadians continue to enrich our society. As we start this month, I encourage all Canadians to learn more about the many achievements of Tamil Canadians, while also reflecting on the stories of courage and resilience from the community.

Tamil Heritage Month is also a great opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate one of our greatest strengths as a country: our diversity. Though this year’s celebrations will once again be different, I know that it will be a month filled with pride and joy.

As Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, and on behalf of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada, I invite Canadians from coast to coast to coast to celebrate the rich Tamil language and culture through the month of January and beyond. I wish you all a wonderful Tamil Heritage Month!

 Significance of Tamil Heritage Month

January was picked as Tamil Heritage Month for a number of reasons. Pongal, the most important and widely celebrated festival of Tamils around the world, falls in the middle of the month. Pongal celebrates both the blessings of a past year and the beginning of a new one. Tamil calendar’s first month, Thai, begins in mid-January.

 History of Tamil Heritage Month

In 2010, Tamil Heritage Month was established to celebrate the history and contributions of the Tamil community to Canada’s social, cultural, economic and political strength. This month, Tamil Heritage Month will celebrate Tamils’ history in Canada while recognizing our accomplishments and tracing our roots. In addition, this month is all about celebrating Tamil heritage and revitalizing Tamil culture in Canada.

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