Khasi Society: India’s largest Matrilineal Society

Among all mysteries, in the northeastern part of India, Meghalaya is home

Matrilineal Societies of India

These communities are the Mosuo of China, the Picti of Scotland, the

Zeki Müren: The Iconic Voice of Turkish Music

Zeki Müren (December 6, 1931 – September 24, 1996) stands as a

Elvia Carrillo Puerto: A Pioneer for Women’s Rights and Social Justice in Mexico

Elvia Carrillo Puerto (December 6, 1878 – April 15, 1968) was a

Celebrating life and legacy of Gao Xingjian

Gao Xingjian is a Chinese-born French writer, playwright, and artist. Life and

Celebrating life and legacy of Rigoberta Menchu

Rigoberta Menchu is a K'iche' Maya woman from Guatemala who gained international

Manuel Ponce: A Mexican Maestro’s Journey in Classical Music

Manuel María Ponce (December 8, 1882 – April 24, 1948) was a

Akiko Yosano: Journey Through Poetry and Feminism

Akiko Yosano (December 7, 1878 – May 29, 1942) stands as a

Abdulhussain Abdulredha: Pioneering Kuwaiti Actor’s Journey Through Arts and Culture

Abdulhussain Abdulredha (December 5, 1939 – August 11, 2017) was a prolific

Lina Bo Bardi: Architectural Visionary Shaping Modern Brazil

Lina Bo Bardi (December 5, 1914 – March 29, 1992) was an

Annamrita Foundation: Nurturing Lives in Palwal, Haryana

The Annamrita Foundation, an integral part of the International Society for Krishna

PM conveys best wishes on occasion of Navy Day

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has conveyed his best wishes on

Homegrown Smart Electronics Manufacturer Oakter Granted Approval Under New IT Hardware PLI 2.0 Scheme

R.I.O.T. Labz Pvt. Ltd. is among the list of 27 companies approved

Governor of Punjab calls on Prime Minister

The Governor of Punjab, Shri Banwarilal Purohit called on the Prime Minister,

Successful Compensatory Afforestation at Jamuna Open Cast Project, SECL

The Ministry of Coal has taken a pioneering step towards environmental stewardship

All Girls Sainik Schools

All 33 Sainik Schools established under the erstwhile pattern in the country,

66 Indian Airports are operating on 100% Green Energy

Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has taken initiatives for working towards Carbon