Best Men’s Hair Color for 2024

Saurav Singh

What is the best, most fashionable men’s hair color in 2024? It’s difficult to choose one; thus, we’ve prepared a whole list for you. From natural-like colors (light brown and dark blonde), to more daring platinum and silver shades, there are a lot of colors that men (and women!) find appealing and stylish this year.

  1. Silver and Gray – Continues to be a popular choice, not just for those embracing natural aging. Younger men are also choosing silver or gray tones, which can add a distinguished look.
  2. Platinum Blonde – This striking and bold option remains trendy for those wanting to make a statement. It works well with both short and long hairstyles and complements various skin tones.
  3. Natural Tones – There’s a strong trend towards more natural hair colors that enhance the individual’s natural look. Subtle enhancements like sun-kissed highlights or slight darkening can add depth and texture without an overt change.
  4. Pastels and Vivid Colors – For the more adventurous, pastel colors like soft pink, pale blue, and even vivid hues like bright blue or green are seen. These colors are often used as accents or undercuts rather than full-head color.
  5. Rich Browns and Warm Coppers – Earthy tones such as deep chestnut, rich chocolate, and warm copper are on the rise. These colors add warmth to the complexion and are versatile for all seasons.

Our List of Men’s Hair Color Ideas for 2024

So, what men’s hair color should you choose? (

Natural Enhancements

If you prefer subtlety, you can enhance your natural hair color. Light brown and dark blonde shades are perfect for those seeking a slight change without too much commitment. These colors work well across various hair textures and provide a refreshed yet understated look. Adding highlights like honey or caramel can introduce vibrancy and dimension to these natural tones, though you need to be a bit bolder to opt for them.

Exciting and Daring

2024 is also seeing an uptick in more daring colors. Platinum and silver shades are gaining popularity, providing a striking option for those looking to make a statement. These shades are particularly suitable for cooler skin tones and require maintenance to keep the color vibrant and fresh.

Metallic tones are also on the rise, with hues like icy blue and frosty violet offering a modern twist on more traditional colors. These colors fit well with current fashion trends and are perfect if you don’t mind (or desire) standing out of the crowd.

Classic Grays

Gray hair continues to be a strong trend, embraced not just naturally but also through dyeing. This look is celebrated for its distinguished vibe and works well across all age groups, adding an element of sophistication and depth. While some men still try to cover their natural grays, others desire to dye their hair this color – this means that not everybody appreciates it, yet it still became quite popular in 2024. 

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Vivid Colors

Another position on our list of men’s hair colors is reserved for the most adventurous ones: vibrant colors like teal, electric blue, and even orange are making waves. You need some courage to choose any of these colors – naturally, many people won’t like it – but believe us – it’s going to look great on you, so give it a try!

If you’re too afraid of staying with a vivid color for long, consider a semi-permanent or a demi-permanent hair dye. These wash out after a certain number of shampoos, so you won’t have to stay with a vibrant blue or green for too long if you don’t like it.

The Takeaway

So, which of the men’s hair colors on our list did you like the most? All of them are quite popular and stylish in 2024, so there’s no bad choice. Remember that the color should resemble your own style and personality, and most importantly: you need to feel comfortable with it. But apart from that, you can choose whichever color you like – so, what are you going to pick?