BBG Bangarutalli’s Generous Contribution: Bharosa Center Nearing Completion in Shamshabad

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Hyderabad, Telangana, India

In a remarkable display of commitment to women’s safety and empowerment, BBG Bangarutalli has played a pivotal role in the upcoming launch of the Bharosa Center in Shamshabad. This initiative underscores its dedication to creating safer communities for girls and women. The announcement was made at the Building Blocks Group’s 449th Talent Factory event attended by esteemed guests, including DCP Srujana Karnam of the Telangana Police Department’s Women and Child Safety Wing, marked a significant milestone in fostering trust and support for women and children in need. DCP Srujana Karnam, known for her dedication to advocating for the rights and safety of vulnerable populations, has implemented numerous initiatives empowering women and protecting children. Her leadership has enhanced the police force’s efficiency in dealing with related crimes and established a robust framework for community support and awareness. Her exemplary work serves as an inspiration and reinforces the commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive society.

BBG DCP Srujana Karnam join hands with BBG Bangarutalli & Bharosa Center Team 

A highlight of the event was DCP Srujana Karnam revealing that Mr. Mallikarjun Reddy, owner of BBG, sponsored the entire construction of the Bharosa Center through the BBG Foundation. This substantial contribution, amounting to 15 lakhs Cheque, was ceremoniously handed over by DCP Srujana Karnam from BBG to the BBG foundation, furthering its mission of empowering Bangarutallis. To date, the BBG foundation has empowered 1.7 lakh girl children and envisions empowering 20 lakh girl children by the year 2040.

The Bharosa Center in Shamshabad, set to open soon, is a testament to the collective efforts of BBG Bangarutalli and its stakeholders in addressing the needs of women in the community. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by trained professionals, the center will serve as a safe haven where women can seek refuge, support, and assistance in times of crisis.

Bharosa Center: A Holistic Approach to Support

The Bharosa support center provides a one-stop solution for victims in distress, aiming to reduce the re-victimization of women and children affected by violence and sexual abuse. Following the success of the Bharosa Centre in Hyderabad, this model is being replicated across all districts of Telangana.

Key features of the Bharosa Centers include:

  • Police Officer Room: Immediate access to law enforcement.
  • Legal Support Office: Legal assistance when needed.
  • Statement Record Room: Facilitates documentation of incidents.
  • Conference Rooms: Spaces for coordination and planning.
  • Counselling Rooms: Dedicated spaces for psychological support.
  • Medical Counselling Room: Provides holistic medical care and support.

Moving Forward: A Beacon of Hope and Support

The construction of the Bharosa Center in Shamshabad marks a significant step towards creating safer and more inclusive communities for women. With support from BBG Bangarutalli and the generosity of Mr. Mallikarjun Reddy, these centers will continue to serve as beacons of hope, empowering women across the region to lead lives of dignity and resilience. BBG Bangarutalli’s contribution exemplifies its commitment to promoting women’s safety and empowerment. The imminent completion of the Bharosa Center in Shamshabad is a milestone in this noble journey, fostering a world where every woman feels safe, supported, and empowered to pursue her dreams.

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