Alberto Larraguibel: Chilean Equestrian and Holder of the High Jump World Record

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Alberto Larraguibel Morales (30 May 1919 – 12 April 1995) was a Chilean Army officer born in Angol, Chile. He remains as the record holder for highest jump, one of the longest-running unbroken sports records in history – 74 years as of 2023.

Alberto Larraguibel is a Chilean equestrian show jumper who gained recognition for setting a record in the Puissance event. The Puissance is a horse jumping competition that involves clearing progressively higher jumps, with the aim of achieving the highest jump in the shortest amount of time.

Larraguibel’s record-setting Puissance jump took place on 5 February 1949, and he became the first person to clear a height of 2.20 meters (7 feet 2 1/2 inches) in the Puissance. This achievement was recognized as a major milestone in the sport of show jumping, and it established Larraguibel as one of the top equestrian riders of his generation.

While the details of the specific competition in which Larraguibel set his record may not be widely known, his legacy as a talented show jumper and record-setting Puissance rider remain. His achievement helped to raise the profile of show jumping in South America and inspired many young riders to pursue their own dreams in the sport.

On 5 February 2013, Google Doodle celebrated 64th anniversary of Alberto Larraguibel’s record-setting Puissance jump