30 June: Tribute to Elsa Beskow

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Elsa Beskow

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Elsa Beskow (11 February 1874 – 30 June 1953) was a famous Swedish author and illustrator of children’s books. Among her better-known books are Tale of the Little Little Old Woman and Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender.

Life and Career

She was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on 11 February 1874. She is best known for her children’s books, which are known for their imaginative illustrations and storytelling.

Beskow began her career as an illustrator in the 1890s, and her first children’s book, “Tales from the Calendar,” was published in 1897. Over the next several decades, she went on to publish many other beloved children’s books, including “Peter in Blueberry Land,” “The Sun Egg,” and “Flower Fairies of the Spring.”

Beskow’s books are known for their imaginative illustrations, which are filled with charming characters, whimsical landscapes, and vivid colors. Her stories often feature fairy tale elements and magical creatures, and they often explore themes of nature, childhood, and family.

Throughout her career, Beskow was highly regarded for her contributions to children’s literature, and her books have been translated into several languages, including English, German, and French. Her legacy has continued to this day, with her books still being enjoyed by children and adults alike.

In addition to her writing and illustration work, Beskow was also a passionate advocate for children’s rights, and she used her platform to raise awareness about the importance of providing children with access to education and healthcare.

Beskow passed away on 30 June 1953, but her books continue to inspire generations of children and adults with their imaginative stories and charming illustrations.

Award and Legacy

Elsa Beskow received several awards and honors during her lifetime for her contributions to children’s literature. Some of her notable awards include:

  • The Illis Quorum Medal: This prestigious award is given to Swedish authors who have made significant contributions to children’s literature. Beskow received the award in 1950.
  • The King’s Medal: In 1952, Beskow was awarded the King’s Medal for her contributions to Swedish culture and society.

Beskow’s legacy continues to this day, with her books still being widely read and enjoyed by children and adults alike. Her imaginative illustrations and storytelling have inspired countless artists and writers, and her books have been translated into several languages.

In addition to her legacy as a children’s author and illustrator, Beskow is also remembered for her passion for children’s rights and her advocacy for education and healthcare. Her commitment to these causes has inspired many others to follow in her footsteps and work towards creating a better world for children.

Overall, Elsa Beskow’s contributions to children’s literature and her commitment to social justice have left a lasting impact, and her legacy continues to inspire and enchant people of all ages.

On 11 Feb 2013, Google celebrated Elsa Beskow’s 139th Birthday with a doodle.

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