21 January: Remembering Emma Gad on Birthday

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Image Courtesy: Google Doodle

Emma Gad (21 January 1852 – 8 January 1921), born Emma Halkier, was a Danish writer and socialite who wrote plays and books that were often satirical. Although she was a prolific writer, many of her works fell into obscurity after her death.

Life and Career

Born in Denmark on 21 January 1852, she was a woman of many talents: writer, journalist, historian, and social activist. From her early years onwards, Emma had an interest in learning and teaching others about the culture and politics of her country. This led to her writing several books on topics such as women’s rights, education reform and public health during the late 19th century. She also wrote articles for newspapers about contemporary social issues. Her work emphasized equality for all regardless of gender or class differences.
In addition to being a scholar, Emma Gad was also a passionate campaigner for women’s suffrage in Denmark. She spearheaded the cause by working with fellow advocates to petition the government for their voting rights; this eventually resulted in Danish women gaining the right to vote just before World War I began in 1914.

She died on 8 January 1921 at an age of 68.

Award and Legacy

Her passion for improving public health brought her national acclaim, and she eventually received several awards for her achievements. She received a gold Medal of Merit in 1905. Today her plays are preserved in Denmark’s Royal Library.  Emma Gads Vej, a street in Ørestad, Copenhagen, is named after her.

On 21 January 2013, Google Doodle celebrated Emma Gad’s 161st Birthday.