20 July: Tribute to Gerard Oury

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Gerard Oury

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Gerard Oury (29 April 1919 – 20 July 2006) was a French film director, actor, and writer.

Life and Career

He was born on 29 April 1919, in Paris, France. He was known for his work in the French film industry and was a prolific filmmaker, having directed over twenty films during his career.

Gerard Oury began his career as an actor in the 1940s, appearing in several French films. He later transitioned to writing and directing, and in the 1950s he wrote and directed his first film, “La Rose Rouge.” He gained widespread recognition in 1961 with the release of “The Crime of Monsieur Lange,” a film that he co-wrote and co-directed with Jean Renoir. He went on to direct several successful comedies in the 1960s and 1970s, including “The Sucker” and “The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob.”

Gerard Oury passed away on 20 July 2006, at the age of 87. His death was a great loss to the French film industry, and he is remembered as one of the most important filmmakers of his generation.

Award and Legacy

Gerard Oury’s legacy lives on through his contributions to French cinema. He was known for his skillful direction of comedy films, which were popular with audiences in France and around the world. His films continue to be celebrated for their humor, wit, and light-heartedness.

On 29 April 2014, Google celebrated Gerard Oury’s 95th Birthday with a doodle.

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