Christian Lous Lange (17 September 1869 – 11 December 1938) was a Norwegian historian. In 1921, Christian Lous Lange was awarded the Nobel Prize for his significant role in the promotion of international peace and disarmament efforts.

Life and Career

Christian Lous Lange was born on 17 September 1869, in Stavanger, Norway.

Lange received his education at the University of Oslo (formerly known as the Royal Frederick University), where he studied history and earned a degree in history and political science.

Christian Lous Lange held various positions throughout his career, including as a teacher, journalist, and historian.

He became actively involved in the peace movement and worked towards international cooperation to prevent conflicts.

Lange served as the secretary-general of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), an organization that promotes peace and cooperation among parliaments and parliamentarians worldwide.

Christian Lous Lange passed away on December 11, 1938, in Oslo, Norway.

Award and Legacy

Christian Lous Lange was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1921, jointly with Swedish statesman Hjalmar Branting. They were recognized for their dedicated work in promoting international peace and cooperation. Lange’s efforts in the peace movement and his contributions to international diplomacy were highly regarded.

  • Christian Lous Lange’s legacy is primarily tied to his tireless advocacy for international peace and disarmament. He believed that diplomacy, cooperation, and open dialogue among nations were essential to prevent conflicts and maintain global stability.
  • His Nobel Peace Prize recognition further solidified his reputation as a dedicated peace activist. Lange’s work in promoting peaceful solutions to international disputes and his contributions to the peace movement continue to inspire those working towards a more peaceful world.
  • His commitment to using technology and communication to bring nations closer together and foster understanding remains relevant in today’s interconnected world.
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