Social Media Giving Day: History, Theme, and Significance

Saurav Singh

Social Media Giving Day is an annual observance celebrated on July 15th. It was established by, a non-profit organization that has been leveraging Twitter for fundraising since 2013. Owned by Chris Sommers, who is also the founder of the renowned Pi Pizzeria chain, encourages individuals to make donations through social networks.

Social Media Giving Day: History & Significance

In a year marked by widespread job losses and heightened levels of poverty and hunger, this small initiative serves as a beacon of hope for those in need. Chris Sommers, the St. Louis-based chief of, highlights the intrinsic connection between social media and charitable giving, particularly among millennials. He emphasizes that social media extends far beyond mere snapshots of daily life, restaurant updates, or personal experiences. Social Media Giving Day aims to imbue social media usage with deeper, tangible meaning by harnessing its power for the greater good.

The history of Social Media Giving Day dates back to 2013 when collaborated with elected officials, charitable organizations, social media influencers, and others across the United States. Together, they promoted the day and encouraged people to donate to their preferred or familiar charities through social media. As a result of their efforts, numerous governors and mayors throughout the USA officially declared July 15th as Social Media Giving Day.

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Chris Sommers explains that the concept of originally stemmed from fundraising endeavors on behalf of the President and other non-profit organizations. Recognizing the existing disconnect and lack of social connection between donors and the organizations they support, the team at sought to create a platform that would alleviate these challenges.

Social Media Giving Day serves as a reminder of the immense potential that social media holds to bring about positive change and make a real impact in the lives of those in need. It encourages individuals to embrace the power of social media for philanthropic purposes, fostering a sense of unity and collective action towards a better world.