12 December: Remembering Alfred Werner on Birthday

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Alfred Werner

Alfred Werner (12 December 1866 – 15 November 1919) was a Swiss chemist. In 1913, Alfred Werner was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Life and Career

Alfred Werner was born on 12 December 1866, in  Mulhouse, France.

Werner’s academic journey was marked by significant achievements. He completed his doctorate in 1890 and continued his studies in various European universities, including Zurich, Leipzig, and Paris. His pioneering research focused on the coordination compounds, where he introduced the concept of coordination number and proposed a new theory explaining the structure of these compounds. He suggested that metal ions could form coordination complexes by binding to surrounding molecules or ions, now known as ligands, in a specific spatial arrangement.

Werner’s work laid the foundation for modern coordination chemistry and earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1913, making him the first inorganic chemist to receive this prestigious award.

Alfred Werner passed away on 15 November 1919, the age of 52.

Award and Legacy

Alfred Werner was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1913 for his groundbreaking work on the coordination theory. His research revolutionized the understanding of complex compounds and their structures, marking a turning point in the field of chemistry. Werner’s legacy lives on through the countless scientists who have built upon his ideas and the ongoing exploration of coordination compounds.

  • Alfred Werner’s work laid the foundation for the modern understanding of coordination chemistry and greatly influenced the development of inorganic chemistry.
  • His coordination theory led to the classification of coordination compounds and the distinction between primary and secondary valences.
  • Werner’s ideas and theories continue to be influential in the field of chemistry and have practical applications in various industries, including materials science and catalysis.
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