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Talal Maddah (5 August 1940 – 11 August 2000) was a Saudi Arabian musician and composer. He was named Maddah after his mother’s family. His fans called him “The Earth’s Voice.” He had a substantial influence over 20th century-Arabian culture.

Life and Career

Talal Maddah was a prominent Saudi Arabian singer and composer, known for his significant contributions to Arabic music. He was born on August 5, 1940, in the city of Ta’if, Saudi Arabia. Maddah showed an early interest in music and began his artistic journey at a young age.

Talal Maddah’s musical career spanned several decades, during which he gained widespread recognition for his unique singing style and compositions. He was renowned for his emotive and soulful performances that touched the hearts of many listeners. Maddah’s music often revolved around themes of love, patriotism, and cultural heritage.

He played a pivotal role in popularizing traditional Saudi music and contributed to the development of modern Arabic music. His songs showcased a blend of traditional Arabian melodies and contemporary influences, making him a beloved figure in the Arab music world.

Talal Maddah passed away on August 11, 2000, at the age of 60. His death was a significant loss to the music industry and his fans, as he had left an indelible mark on Arabic music and culture.

Award and Legacy

Talal Maddah’s legacy in Arabic music is profound. He received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career for his exceptional contributions to music and culture in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. His emotionally charged performances and meaningful lyrics resonated with audiences across generations.

Maddah’s impact extended beyond his music. He was known for his philanthropic efforts, using his influence to support charitable causes and promote cultural preservation. His commitment to his heritage and his dedication to promoting Saudi Arabian arts and culture made him a revered figure in his country.

Even after his passing, Talal Maddah’s songs continue to be celebrated and cherished by fans of Arabic music. His influence can be heard in the work of many contemporary artists who draw inspiration from his style and themes. He remains a symbol of artistic excellence and cultural pride in Saudi Arabia and beyond, and his legacy lives on through his timeless music and contributions to the region’s musical heritage.

On 5 August 2018, Google celebrated Talal Maddah’s 78th Birthday with a doodle.

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