Thomas Hunt Morgan Quotes

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Thomas Hunt Morgan Quotes

Thomas Hunt Morgan (25 September 1866 – 4 December 1945) was an American evolutionary biologist, geneticist, embryologist. In 1933, Thomas Hunt Morgan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Famous Thomas Hunt Morgan Quotes

Some of the Famous quotation by Thomas Hunt Morgan are mentioned below: –

“Within the period of human history we do not know of a single instance of the transformation of one species into another one. It may be claimed that the theory of descent is lacking, therefore, in the most essential feature that it needs to place the theory on a scientific basis, this must be admitted.” ~ Thomas Hunt Morgan
“Except for the rare cases of plastid inheritance, the inheritance of all known cooacters can be sufficiently accounted for by the presence of genes in the chromosomes. In a word the cytoplasm may be ignored genetically.” ~ Thomas Hunt Morgan
“Some things are better done than described.” ~ Thomas Hunt Morgan
“Two years work wasted, I have been breeding those flies for all that time and I’ve got nothing out of it.” ~ Thomas Hunt Morgan
“The media has enormous power. The media is undergoing huge changes now. It seemed like it’s time to step back and look at how the media shapes our lives and our perceptions of reality.” ~ Thomas Hunt Morgan
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