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Ever heard of the Maritime Continent? It’s not far from Australia – and channels heat around the world

Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, North and South America, Europe – and the

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Can we be inoculated against climate misinformation? Yes – if we prebunk rather than debunk

Can we be inoculated against climate misinformation? Yes – if we prebunk rather

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Population can’t be ignored. It has to be part of the policy solution to our world’s problems

There is a growing consensus that environmental problems, particularly the effects of

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A deeply troubling discovery’: Earth may have already passed the crucial 1.5°C warming limit

Global temperatures have already exceeded 1.5°C warming and may pass 2°C later

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Plants are likely to absorb more CO₂ in a changing climate than we thought – here’s why

The world’s vegetation has a remarkable ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO₂)

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India’s ethos, consciousness, and culture have been shaped by forests: Vice President

Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Vice President, today called upon all nations to take

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Course members of the 62nd NDC course call on the President

The faculty and course members of the 62nd National Defence College Course, called on

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PM shares a video expressing gratitude to mother earth on Earth Day

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has said that Earth Day is

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Union Budget 2022: Focus on Climate Change

The Union Budget 2022 has focus on growth and all-inclusive welfare. It

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These machines scrub greenhouse gases from the air – an inventor of direct air capture technology shows how it works

One ‘mechanical tree’ is about 1,000 times faster at removing carbon dioxide

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Climate Change and its Consequences

This is a simple explanation of Climate Change, based on an article

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Climate change is making monogamous albatrosses divorce – new research

Changing environmental conditions can put stress on coupled-up animals. Natasha Gillies, Author

Earth has stayed habitable for billions of years – exactly how lucky did we get?

xtock / shutterstock Toby Tyrrell, University of Southampton It took evolution 3

Earth may temporarily pass dangerous 1.5℃ warming limit by 2024, major new report says

Pep Canadell, CSIRO and Rob Jackson, Stanford University The Paris climate agreement

Pep Canadell and Rob Jackson