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Lo Man-fei (16 September 1955 – 24 March 2006) was a celebrated Taiwanese dancer and choreographer. Her contributions to the world of dance have left an enduring legacy.


Lo’s journey in the world of dance began with her membership in the Cloud Gate Dance Theater, a renowned dance troupe founded by Lin Hwai-min. She was an integral part of this group from 1979 to 1994, during which time she showcased her remarkable talent and dedication to the art of dance.

In 1985, Lo achieved a significant milestone by graduating from New York University (NYU). Her passion for dance and her commitment to its advancement led her to a teaching career. She embarked on this path in 1985 when she started teaching at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA).

Lo’s career continued to ascend, and her expertise was recognized when she was appointed as the chair of the dance department at TNUA in 1992. Later on, she assumed leadership of the graduate dance program at the same institution. One of her significant contributions was the establishment of TNUA’s seven-year accelerated dance program, a unique initiative aimed at nurturing young dance talents. This program identified promising students while they were still in high school and provided a direct path to TNUA upon their high school graduation.

Later Life and Legacy

In September 2001, Lo received a diagnosis that would significantly impact her life. She was diagnosed with lung cancer. With determination and medical treatment, she managed the disease effectively for several years, providing her with precious time to continue her work.

However, in October 2005, her health took a downturn, necessitating another round of chemotherapy. Despite her resilient spirit, Lo’s battle with cancer eventually came to an end in February 2006.

Even in her final moments, Lo Man-fei’s dedication to dance remained unwavering. Her last choreographic masterpiece, titled “Pursuing the Dream,” was a collaborative effort between herself and her sister, Sophie. This moving work was performed by members of Cloud Gate 2 just seven weeks after Lo’s passing.

Lo’s influence on the world of dance, her commitment to nurturing young talents, and her creative contributions continue to inspire dancers and choreographers, ensuring that her legacy lives on in the realm of contemporary dance.

On 16 September 2021, a Google Doodle was created to celebrate Lo Man-fei’s 66th Birthday.

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