Your Royal Highness,
Delegates from both countries,
Friends of the media,

It gives me great pleasure to participate in the first leaders’ meeting of the India-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership Council today.

We had announced this advice during my visit to Saudi Arabia in 2019.

Over these four years it has proven to be an effective tool to further strengthen our strategic partnership.

I am happy that under this Council numerous meetings of both commissions have been held, thanks to which our mutual collaboration in every field is continuously growing.

As per the needs of the changing times, we are adding new and modern dimensions to our relationships.

Saudi Arabia is one of our most important strategic partners for India.

As the two largest and fastest growing economies in the world, our mutual cooperation is vital to the peace and stability of the entire region.

In the meeting with His Royal Highness we identified a number of initiatives to take our close collaboration to the next level.

Our meeting today will give a new energy, a new direction to our relationships and will inspire us to continue working together for the betterment of humanity.

Yesterday together we marked a historic beginning to establish an economic corridor between India, West Asia and Europe.

This corridor will not only connect the two countries, but also strengthen economic cooperation, energy development and digital connectivity between Asia, West Asia and Europe.

Your Royal Highness, I heartily congratulate you on the rapid economic and social progress that Saudi Arabia is making under your leadership and through your Vision 2030.

We are extremely grateful to you for your commitment to safeguarding the interests and well-being of Indians living in Saudi Arabia.

The friendship between India and Saudi Arabia is important for regional and global stability, prosperity and human well-being.

I thank His Royal Highness and all of you once again for your contribution to the success of the G20 Summit.

I invite you now to make your opening remarks.



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