Parisian Protest Takes Unconventional Turn: A ‘Defecation Flashmob’ Planned in Response to Seine Cleanup

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Paris, June 6, 2024 — In a move reminiscent of the French Revolution, Parisians have announced a ‘defecation flashmob’ or ‘poop protest’ set for June 23, 2024. This audacious demonstration is aimed at President Emmanuel Macron’s $1.4 billion state-backed plan to clean up the Seine River ahead of the Summer Olympics.

The protest, fueled by anger over the extensive expenses for the Seine cleanup and lingering resentment from Macron’s 2023 pension reform, aims to send a clear message: Parisians are not happy. The hashtag #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin (#IshitintheSeineonJune23) began trending almost immediately after plans were shared on social media in late May.

Welcome back to Explained By a Blonde. This week, we’re diving into the saga of the French citizens who are ready to go to extreme lengths to make their voices heard. The lead-up to the Summer Olympics in Paris has been fraught with controversy, but this latest ‘doo-doo drama’ has taken things to a whole new level.

The Origins of the Protest

The defecation flashmob gained traction shortly after President Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced they would swim in the Seine to showcase the success of the cleanup efforts. This pledge, intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of the multi-year operation involving wastewater management, treatment plants, filtering stations, and storm basins, instead sparked outrage.

Critics argue that the focus on cleaning the Seine for the Olympics, aiming to eliminate 75% of bacterial pollution by the event, overlooks broader public needs. The ultimate goal is to open the Seine to the public in 2025, ending a century-long ban on swimming due to dangerously high pollution levels.

Underlying Frustrations

The protest is the latest expression of widespread dissatisfaction with Macron’s administration. The 2023 pension reform, which raised the retirement age from 62 to 64 without a parliamentary vote, sparked massive protests and riots lasting nearly six months. This decision left many Parisians feeling marginalized and unheard.

In the run-up to the Olympics, French creators on social media have warned tourists against visiting Paris, citing planned disruptions. TikToker santasolina stated, “When Macron forced the reform, we made him a promise: ‘no retirement reform, no Olympic games’. Since the only thing he cares about is money, we’re going to hit him where it hurts.”

A Seriously Messy Summer

As the defecation flashmob looms, it signals the beginning of what could be a tumultuous summer for Paris. The protest reflects deeper issues of public dissatisfaction and a willingness to take unconventional measures to express discontent.

In the spirit of revolutionary France, the people of Paris are ready to make their voices heard in a most unforgettable manner. For Macron and his administration, this summer is shaping up to be one filled with significant challenges and very public opposition. Stay tuned for more on this developing story and the continuing saga of Paris in the lead-up to the Olympics.

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