Martín Chambi: Pioneering Indigenous Photographer of Latin America

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Martín Chambi Jiménez (5 November 1891 – 13 September 1973) was a groundbreaking Indigenous Peruvian photographer known for his significant contributions to the world of photography. Chambi’s work uniquely captured the culture, people, and landscapes of the Andes, leaving a lasting legacy in the field of visual arts.

Life & Career

Martín Chambi was born on November 5, 1891, in a small village in Southern Peru. He came from indigenous Quechua heritage, and his upbringing in this rich cultural environment greatly influenced his later photographic work. His early experiences shaped his perspective and gave him a profound understanding of the indigenous communities in the Andes.

Chambi’s journey into photography began when he worked as an assistant to Max T. Vargas, a renowned photographer in Cusco. Under Vargas’ mentorship, Chambi developed his photographic skills and went on to establish his own studio in Cusco, a city known for its proximity to the ancient Inca ruins and the heart of the Andean indigenous culture. Chambi’s work primarily focused on portraiture and documentary photography. He captured the essence of daily life, traditions, and ceremonies of the indigenous people, highlighting their dignity and resilience.

Chambi’s approach to photography was unique for his time. He did not conform to the typical exoticized portrayal of indigenous peoples that was common in photography during the early 20th century. Instead, his work provided an authentic and respectful representation of the Andean culture.


Legacy and Awards

Martín Chambi’s photographs have been celebrated for their cultural significance and artistic merit. He is considered one of the first major Indigenous Latin American photographers. Chambi’s legacy lives on in the recognition of the enduring beauty of Andean traditions and landscapes that he documented. His work has been exhibited in numerous art galleries and museums worldwide.

Notable Works

Some of Chambi’s notable works include his striking portraits of indigenous people, capturing their unique attire and expressions. His photographs also documented local festivals, rituals, and everyday life in the Andes, providing a valuable historical and cultural record.

Martín Chambi’s contributions to the world of photography continue to be acknowledged and celebrated as they offer a window into the rich tapestry of indigenous culture in the Andes. His work serves as an important cultural and historical archive, ensuring that the traditions and faces of the Andean people are remembered for generations to come.


On 5 November 2020, a Google Doodle was created to celebrate Martín Chambi’s 129th Birthday.

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