Last Mile Enterprises Ltd. (LMEL) is excited to announce its expansion into three new business divisions: specialty paints, real estate, and agriculture. These strategic additions demonstrate LMEL’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and meeting the evolving needs of its clients.

LMEL’s entry into the paint industry is marked by the introduction of the innovative coating solution, “Sun Bless”. Developed by Miyakawa Industries Ltd. Japan, Sun Bless is one of the world’s first patented solutions for Innovative, High-Quality, Eco-Friendly All-Weather Protection. This breakthrough product offers numerous benefits to a diverse range of structures, including residences, factories, infrastructure, commercial spaces, and transportation.

Sun Bless delivers substantial energy cost savings, reducing energy consumption by 30-40%. It is designed to work efficiently in both extreme hot and cold climates, effectively reducing temperatures in hot environments and increasing temperatures in cold environments by approximately 20% plus or minus.

As part of its initial strategy, LMEL will concentrate on business-to-business (B2B) operations, catering to bulk order quantities. The Sun Bless paint proves particularly advantageous for pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to achieve significant energy savings, especially in HVAC requirements. Moreover, adopting Sun Bless allows these companies to earn valuable Carbon Credits. LMEL has already successfully completed a pilot project for a large pharmaceutical company, resulting in energy savings of over 30% during the test period.


LMEL is also engaging in discussions with real estate players, highlighting the energy-saving and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) compliance benefits of the Sun Bless paint. Additionally, developers implementing ESG-compliant work can enjoy extra Floor Space Index (FSI) for each ESG-compliant project.

Another major target segment for LMEL’s innovative product is government institutions operating in extreme climate conditions or departments with high energy consumption. The Sun Bless paint’s capabilities make it an ideal solution for such entities.

LMEL is proud to announce its involvement in two residential real estate projects located in Matunga, Mumbai. The company has already commenced work on these projects, further demonstrating its commitment to the real estate sector.


LMEL’s entry into the agriculture sector brings forth an innovative digital platform designed to facilitate transparent agricultural transactions between buyers and sellers. This platform will act as an intermediary between sellers, mostly farmers, and buyers, predominantly corporates. It will enable seamless transactions and foster mutually beneficial relationships. The platform’s initial focus will be on facilitating transactions with government agencies that have substantial stocks to dispose of, ensuring a transparent and fair process.

LMEL is excited about its new business ventures and remains committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions across various industries.

About Last Mile Enterprises Ltd. (LMEL)

Last Mile Enterprises Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative solutions and services, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of its clients. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, LMEL strives to deliver excellence in all its ventures.

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