Francophonie Day or International Day of the Francophile is observed by the International Organization of La Francophonie on 20 March every year to celebrate the French language and Francophone culture.

Francophiles are individuals who have a strong affinity for French culture, language, and history. They may be individuals who are native French speakers or individuals who have a passion for French culture and language.

In many countries, Francophiles celebrate the French language and culture through events such as French film festivals, French food and wine tastings, French language classes, and cultural exchanges. The Alliance Française, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the French language and culture, plays a significant role in promoting the International Day of the Francophile.

French is an official language in 29 countries, including France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and several African nations. It is also a widely spoken language in many other parts of the world, particularly in Europe and North America. French language and culture have had a significant impact on art, literature, philosophy, science, and politics throughout history.


The date of March 20 was chosen to celebrate the anniversary of the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation (ACCT) which was born on 20 March 1970 in Niamey, Niger. This agency marks the first step towards Francophone cooperation, which will become the International Organization of La Francophonie a little later.