Dhanteras 2021: Significance and History

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Dhanteras 2021

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Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi is a Hindu festival in which the Hindu God of Ayurveda, Dhanvantari, who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, is worshipped. The word “Dhanteras” consists of two parts — “Dhan” refers to wealth and “Teras” means “thirteen.” Dhanteras is observed on the thirteenth day of Krishna Paksha on the month of Ashwin as per the Hindu calendar. Since Lord Dhanvantari is the god of Ayurvedic medicine, Dhanteras is observed for the wellbeing of one’s family members or kin. Lord Dhanvantari is considered to be the healer of all ailments. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Dhanvantari, who is a physician of the gods, appeared before the Devas and the Asuras during Samudra Manthan. He held in his hands Amrita, or the nectar of immortality, and also the text called Ayurveda.

This year, 2021, Dhanteras is being celebrated on November 2. The sacred event is part of the Diwali or Deepavali celebrations which begin this year on November 2 and end on November 6 with Bhai Dooj.

There are numerous ways devotees celebrate the day. Majority of places across India, people purchase various items, in particular household items such as utensils and broomsticks. Such items are then offered to the god Dhanvantari during the puja rituals. People also purchase gold and silver items such as jewelry, coins, and bars for this occasion.

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