Abdul Ghaffar Khan Quotes

Saurav Singh
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Abdul Ghaffar Khan Quotes

Abdul Ghaffar Khan (6 February 1890 – 20 January 1988) was a Pashtun independence activist, and founder of the Khudai Khidmatgar resistance movement against British colonial rule in India. He was a political and spiritual leader known for his nonviolent opposition and lifelong pacifism; he was a devout Muslim and an advocate for Hindu–Muslim unity in the subcontinent.

Famous Abdul Ghaffar Khan Quotes

“I am going to give you such a weapon that the police and the army will not be able to stand against it. It is the weapon of the Prophet, but you are not aware of it. That weapon is patience and righteousness. No power on earth can stand against it.” ~ Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
“Only a dead nation remembers its heroes when they die. Real nations respect them when they are alive.” ~ Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
“If you wish to know how civilized a culture is, look at how they treat it’s women.” ~ Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
“My religion is truth, love and service to God and humanity. Every religion that has come into the world has brought the message of love and brotherhood. Those who are indifferent to the welfare of their fellowmen, whose hearts are empty of love, they do not know the meaning of religion.” ~ Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
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