20 January: Penguin Awareness Day

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20 January: Penguin Awareness Day

Each year on January 20, Penguin Awareness Day is observed, and while we certainly appreciate these adorable flightless birds, their declining numbers need more attention. Because their natural habitat is usually far from humans, the rapidly shrinking penguin population goes mostly unnoticed. This is a great initiative to raise awareness and enjoy fun penguin-themed activities on Penguin Awareness Day.

Penguin Awareness Day: History

Gerry Wallace first celebrated National Penguin Day in 1972 in California. His wife’s calendar prompted him to write an event. Later on, Ridgecrest, a city in California, celebrated world penguin day. There is nothing better than celebrating a special day for a unique bird, which gives so much joy, just by the way it is created.

Flightless birds spend most of their time swimming and hunting for fish to eat during the day. Although penguins lead peaceful lives, they are hunted by predators such as whales, sharks, and seals. Because of this, penguins are often seen in groups in order to distract potential hunters. In recent years, cartoon movies and documentaries have centered around penguins, which have always been the subject of great intrigue.

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Penguin populations are decreasing, and the exact reason is still unknown. According to some researchers, krill numbers are plummeting; the Malacostraca species is only two inches long but plays an important role in global food chains. According to other researchers, climate change and changing environments are to blame.

How to celebrate?

  • Understand how human activity may be affecting these majestic birds and their habitat.
  • Spend some time observing penguins at your local zoo if it has them.
  • Documentaries about penguins’ lives and habitats can be watched in movies with penguin characters.
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