National Vaccination Day: History, Theme, and Significance

Saurav Singh

The Government of India celebrates National Vaccination Day on 16 March to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of frontline healthcare workers. Over 324 million children will be vaccinated against measles and rubella between 2017 and 2020.

The day is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of vaccination and encouraging people to get vaccinated.

National Vaccination Day 2023: Theme

In commemoration of World Vaccination Day, different themes are used each year. National Vaccination day aims to promote the value of vaccines. This year, that is National Vaccination Day 2023 Theme is “Vaccines Work For Everyone“.

About Vaccination

Vaccination is a medical procedure that involves the administration of a vaccine to protect against a specific disease. A vaccine is a biological preparation that contains a weakened or killed version of the pathogen, which triggers an immune response in the body. This response prepares the immune system to recognize and fight off the actual disease if the person is ever exposed to it in the future. By receiving vaccines, individuals can protect themselves and others from serious illnesses and help create herd immunity in their communities.

National Vaccination Day: History

India started the Pulse Polio Programme in 1995 and administered the first dose of the oral polio vaccine. This program aimed to eradicate polio from India, which was achieved in 2014. Since then, National Vaccination Day has been celebrated to promote other vaccines and increase vaccination coverage across the country.

Immunization is the process of strengthening an individual’s immune system against foreign harm-causing agents, according to the World Health Organization.

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National Vaccination Day: Significance

National Vaccination Day is an important day that serves as a reminder of the importance of vaccination in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. By promoting vaccination and providing accurate information, we can help protect more people from deadly diseases and promote a healthier, safer society. So, let us all take a pledge to get vaccinated and encourage our friends and family to do the same.