16 January: Remembering Sandiah Ibu Kasur on Birthday

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Sandiah Ibu Kasur

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Sandiah Ibu Kasur (16 January 1926 – 22 October 2002) was an Indonesian artist, television presenter, and educator.

Life and Career

Ibu Kasur was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 16 January 1926 as Sandiah. When she joined the Indonesian Scouts, she met her future husband, Pak Kasur. In 1965, Kasur and her husband opened a mini kindergarten in their own home as a result of a commitment to children’s education that began in junior high. As a result of this school, the Kasurs have been dedicated to the education of Indonesian youth for a lifetime.

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During the 1990s, Kasur expanded her educational programs throughout Indonesia as a host of radio programs for children on Radio Republik Indonesia and as the head of the Setia Toddler Foundation, which established four kindergartens throughout the country. In addition to editing a children’s magazine, Kasur produced a children’s film, and composed dozens of nursery rhymes. When you listen closely to Kasur’s compositions, you will notice that they do not include the letter “r” in order to make songs for children that are easy to remember and pronounce.

She passed away on 22 October 2002 at the age of 76. In the village of Kaliori, Kalibagor, Banyumas, Central Java, she was buried near Pak Kasur’s grave.

Award and Legacy

On National Children’s Day in 1988, Kasur was awarded the Presidential Award for her achievements as both a creative and a dedicated educator. Today, many of Kasur’s 150 children’s songs, such as “Kucingku” (My Cat) or “Bertepuk Tangan” (Clapping Hands), are still sung by young people across Indonesia.

On 16 January 2022, Google Doodle celebrated Sandiah Ibu Kasur’s 96th birthday.

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