National Bowling Day is observed on the second Saturday of August as a commemoration of one of America’s most popular sports. Because bowling is such an inclusive sport, everyone enjoys playing it. In the year 2022, observation fall on 13 August.  The game is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, including those with disabilities. Therefore, it is no surprise that over 100 million people around the world enjoy playing this game. During this holiday, bowlers are encouraged to get interested in the sport so grab some bowling shoes, put on a bowling shirt, and hit the pins with your friends.

Theme of National Bowling Day 2022
National Bowling Day is observed on the second Saturday of August as a commemoration of one of America’s most popular sports. There is no specific theme for the day.
Quick Facts about Bowling
Here are quick facts about bowling:
  •  Most bowling games use ten pins, and previously you could use anywhere from three to seventeen. The government once considered bowling to be a dangerous and fast game, which is why nine-pin bowling was banned, and this law remains in effect today. Many centres now use 10-pins instead of nine pins to circumvent this law.
  • There are three holes in the standard bowling ball that you use to stick your fingers in, but you can customize the ball to have many more. Imagine a ball with 12 holes, even though you would not need more than five.
  • Around the 3rd or 4th century AD, churches in Germany were holding “bowling” rites. This is where a club or Kegel, which looks like a modern-day pin, was put on the end of a runway. If you wanted to cleanse your sins, you would have to roll a stone to hit the Kegel.
  • The heaviest legal weight for a custom bowling ball is approximately 16 pounds, but it can be as heavy as 23 pounds. Many people question whether playing with 18–23-pound bowling balls should be legal or not. Imagine how sore your fingers would feel if you had to carry that much weight.
  • In today’s world, anyone and everyone can have a thrilling bowling match holding their breath to watch those pins drop. However, this was not always the case. The American Bowling Congress officially classified bowling as a gentlemen’s sport, and women were never allowed to participate in the exciting game.
History of National Bowling Day

The sport of bowling is derived from centuries-old traditions. A game with pins and balls that resembled bowling has been found in tombs and excavations dating back to 5200 B.C. In Roman times, a game involving throwing stone objects at other objects was played, which later evolved into Bocce.

As we know it today, bowling originated from a German game called Kegels. It was believed that if players knocked down the Kegels at the end of an alley, their sins would be forgiven.

Initially, bowling was played with nine pins, but gambling laws prohibited nine-pin bowling, so people added one more pin in 1841 in order to bend the rules. Since then, the game has always been played with ten pins. In 1905, rubber compound bowling balls were introduced for the first time, replacing wooden balls.

What to do on National Bowling Day

On National Bowling Day, many bowling alleys offer free games, so it is the perfect opportunity to try and hit some strikes with your friends. Take part in a bowling tournament near you if you are an avid bowler.

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