11 July: National 7-Eleven Day

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National 7-eleven Day

National 7-eleven Day is observed on 11 July every year. Each year, the United States of America celebrates National 7-eleven Day on a massive scale. On this day, Slurpee drinks are distributed free of charge among American citizens.

National 7-Eleven Day: Significance

As part of the National 7-eleven Day celebrations, a top-selling beverage named Slurpee will be given away free of charge by the gigantic chain of convenience stores named 7-eleven. Slurpees are icy drinks with delicious flavours. In nature, Slurpees are frozen carbonated beverages, available in a variety of flavours. Among American citizens, it is often among the top picks for summer drinks. It was Bob Stanford, who was the advertising executive for 7-eleven at the time, who came up with the name Slurpee.

The focus of this day is primarily on franchise customers. The 7-Eleven chain offers discounts and free Slurpees in various flavours. During the summer heat of July, the icy cold beverage is a popular choice for cooling off.

National 7-Eleven Day: History

Slurpees are believed to have developed accidentally in the late 1950s. It all started with a businessman named Omar Knedlik accidentally breaking his soda fountain, which led to the creation of National 7-eleven Day. He kept his sodas in a freezer in order to keep them cold, so that he could use them later on if needed. When the sodas turned icy, Omar served his customers the cool soda as soon as the ice was broken. Customers were surprised to find that frozen soda were as popular as regular sodas among them. After being confronted with this incident, Omar K found a reason to invent the machine to prepare these carbonated drinks, and this incident cemented in his mind. This is how the Slurpee machine first came to be discovered, as well as the drink itself. It was originally known as Icee when it was introduced as Slurpee.

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Facts About Slurpee

  • Among all the songs marketed, ‘Dance the Slurp’ was the grooviest, composed by one of America’s most prestigious jingle composers, Tom Merriman.
  • Even though flavors have changed over the last half-century, the Slurpee machine’s design has remained the same.
  • ‘BrainFreeze’ is a trademark of 7-Eleven.
  • From an 8-ounce Slurpee to a 44-ounce Slurpee, there is a size for everyone at 7-Eleven. There are a lot of calories and sugar in the larger drinks.
  • Before 7-Eleven launched its TV commercial series “Strange Things”, Slurpee sales averaged 50 per store per day.

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